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 Solar cell production process:

1, the battery test - positive Welding - test 3, the back of the cascading - test 4, laying (glass cleaning, cutting materials, glass pretreatment, laying) - 5, laminated - 6, to flash ( to the side, cleaning) - 7, fitted border (glue, loading angle keys, punching, framed, scrub plastic) - the welding junction box - high pressure test - 10 component test - 11 appearance inspection, packaging and storage

The components of an efficient and high life how to ensure that:

A high conversion efficiency, high-quality cells;

2, high-quality raw materials, such as: a high degree of crosslinking of the EVA, high bond strength of the package agent (neutral silicone resin), high transmittance high strength tempered glass;

3, the packaging process

4, staff strict style of work;

Because solar cells are high-tech products, some of the details in the production process, some obscure problems, such as should wear gloves and not wear, should be uniform brushing reagent scratchy bin enemy of product quality, so in addition to the development of rational the production process, the employees of a serious and rigorous is very important.

The solar cell assembly Process Description:

A battery test: Due to the randomness of the production conditions of the cells produced by the different battery performance, battery test about battery side length of 2 times the length of the ribbon through the output parameters of the test battery. So that in turn will be 36 strung together and welding the lead in the positive and negative component string.